Break Away

by Break Away

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released June 24, 2003

Recorded March 2003 at Trax East Studios
Engineered by Eric Kvortek
Produced by Eric Kvortek and Break Away
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Studios
All songs written and performed by Break Away
All songs © 2003 Break Away



all rights reserved


Break Away New Jersey

est. 2003 // new jersey

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Track Name: The Greene
Take me back to ’98, The only time that ever made sense to me
Simplicity mixed with endless possibilities
Had my close tight nit of friends, Everything was different then
Looking back it hurts, But moving forward’s worse

It’s so hard, To figure out
What’s going on, And to decide
Your next move, We’re all searching for the truth
I wish there was something I can do to feel all right

This place used to comfort me, But now it shoves
Every single thing I’ve ever done wrong, Right down my throat
And it chews me up and shits me out whole, Failure is all that I show
The question’s ringing in my ear, Why the fuck are you still here

I can’t wait to prove you wrong
I can’t wait to prove you wrong, prove you wrong again
Track Name: Too Far Gone
Scratched up and beaten all around, Fix it up to make a sound
The one that rips me up inside, Makes my misery subside
It’s a disease and now I’m sure, I never want to find the cure

Distorted chords clear up my mind, It comes together line by line
Just hit the playback I’ll be fine, One more time

I open up two tired eyes, bloodshot from the past few nights
Eardrums still ringing in my head, Is this how I really want to spend
My time and all my sacrifice, Well I wouldn’t think twice
Even if it’s just another moment in my life
And how we built this brick by brick, hand sewn the whole thing stitch by stitch
And after all these years, This is what it is

My body’s tired, Brain fatigued
Still I’m up, I cannot sleep
I lie awake and hum a familiar melody
Track Name: Realize
We try in our existence, To make to the best of what we get
Success through our persistence, But lose sight of the goals we set
Blinded by human nature, Violence begets violence
I know I’m not the one to talk, But still I can’t stay silent

We live our lives too fast
We toil and labor to break our fucking backs
To make life more than what it seems
In pursuit of the American Dream

Why must a nation war, too many flags unfurled and soared
How can we live this life day to day, When our rights are being torn
The parchment paper burns must easier, When it’s soaked in gasoline
Shred amendments for a resource, We must find some other means
And so on, And so on
The story is so long, It’s so long
And it ends, As it starts
With such confusion, We must see true to our hearts

Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies
Track Name: Dynasty
The parking lot lights are dimming down, Fading out across this town
The flame that burned filled up our lungs, But turned to smoke and now it’s
This is the last time, We’ll be here as one
Driving away and looking back, At all the damage that was done

It could’ve been, Should’ve been
The way it was with everything
It’s tough to say, But time ran out and it’s so hard to wait
Some things just couldn’t stay the same

The exit sign is like a kick in the face
But it cannot get erased, It’s just getting replaced
By everything I wanted, And it comes with such a price
295’s just not long enough this time
Track Name: Chalk It Up
I spent the best years of my life, Staring down the wrong end of the pipe
Killing time and filling up, With these fake ambitions
Face down at the crossroads of my life, Soured by the years filled with bitter spite
Another goddamn cliché drunken night, I’m still young but I feel like I could die
There’s got to be a way, To get away from here
Struggling day by day, Chalking up another year

Can some one tell me what life means, Do the ends ever justifie the means
When you know, that they know, that you know, that you’re wrong
You take all your pity and want to go home
But you cannot deny, All the dreams you may someday realize
And you sweat, and you spit, and you binge, and you pierce through the skin
Just to know that you’re alive

What keeps me sane as my hopes are crushed and my dreams fade away