A Struggle Already In Motion

by Break Away

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released June 29, 2004

Recorded May 2004 at Clay Creek Studios
Engineered by Nick Rotundo
Produced by Break Away and Mike Nagoa
All songs written and performed by Break Away
All songs © 2004 Break Away



all rights reserved


Break Away New Jersey

est. 2003 // new jersey

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Track Name: Age Versus Cunning
run run as fast as I can with a dream under my wing race the grains of time that sting push on as hard as I might but its hard to keep on trying with no ending left in sight and you cannot see the future with no guarantee its bright and I know I'll be doing this alone and the fabric can't be sewn I'm not innocent but not as guilty as they say and if I knew then what I know now I think I'd stop to change my ways I bid you adieu my oldest friend say goodbye to the life that I once knew and when I see you once again my oldest friend I'll do all that I can to mend Two roads diverge in a wood don't be ashamed the one I took and it has made all of the difference in the world age verse cunning I'm always running run to find myself crime and passion the trust's been trashed its enough to shed away this mortal shell
Track Name: The Best Day Of Your Life
the plot thickens just like the smoke that’s clouding words that won't set in but I'll read on page by page distorted words rhetoric verse that will not fade the story that’s been written the life that I'm submitting clearly for your eyes the pen is in my hand going to write the words I want to say because the story that’s been written will be written my way try as he may try as he might the protagonist reserves his right to say I'm not going to die today
Track Name: A Sad State Of Affairs
they've pulled the wool over our eyes how easily we let them placed gag over lips and tell us what to listen and you can't live diy all your life but there's a difference between living well and living out a lie we place faith in cliché words as long as the melody still works hand over fist we pay to hear the lies they've got to say but we're never supposed to listen to what they say as they say and not as they would do you can't live your life by lyrics and then you started to we start the cycle it begins a renaissance apocalypse I hope I live the day to see a day when free speech is still free it’s a state of the art sad state of affairs I can't even find the words to say or even want to recognize this melancholy expression I display contrasts the feelings felt inside and when so damn scared of the conclusions drawn all the bands that preach right but they practice wrong and we try so hard to make it on our own
Track Name: Long Overdue
the door was open wide all this time but in my mind I just never felt the need to stay inside evicted its way too late never got used to the new place and so I wait for you to let the light shine through I need this one last time is it for real this time I want to feel at home again crack the door and let me in I need this one last time
but I still cannot believe after all the years I've seen the battle rages on and I know I'll never get that back
and I'll be banging on that door until my fist turns to nothing but blood and bones on the floor until I can't bleed anymore
Track Name: In Times Of Wine And Roses
wait wait for the moment when I say I can finally lay my head down and there I'll stay with you my one and our only son of which we'll raise give me one good god damn reason in due season to go back to what I know and the days of wine and roses are over and I pray to see your face ride fast ride light my rations end but I have to keep moving as broken and brassic as I am don't waste it staring blankly at a picture held unsteady in my hand then it comes like a bolt from the blue I see flashes of you and our son don't waste it I'm gone return to me he's growing up so fast if you could see and there’s no way out look back on sanity and all those things you've lost and left behind don't wait in an instant it could change remember you are mine and I am yours